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“You can establish a Continuous Integration and Deployment infrastructure for all of your software development activities in a fraction of the time and cost it takes for you to search, interview, hire, train, and retain a full-time on-site DevOps/CI/CD Engineer”

It’s about creating values for you and your company. I obsess about CI/CD and DevOps, that’s because I’m really good at it. No software development should be without a battle hardened CI/CD infrastructure. Nobody likes surprises when it comes to their software delivery. Whether a release is big or small, it should be traceable and reproducible in every step of the development cycle. You need rapid code deployment and be able to scale when market demand grows. The best way to prepare your company for such events will be to establish a robust CI/CD and fully orchestrated infrastructure. This is where I can help..

From my extensive experience in the field, I noticed many organizations ranging from startups to fortune 500 companies often have deficiencies in areas of DevOps and CI/CD. These deficiencies are a direct result of the lack of talented resources in this particular field.

Many companies tend to rotate Software Engineers for infrastructure related duties because of the lack of funding to recruit a full-time DevOps Engineer. This can result in wasteful development cycles for the Software Engineers involved. However, the issue further magnifies in smaller organizations when there just aren’t enough tasks to warrant the hiring of a full-time Build/Release/DevOps Engineer.

There are also instances where companies do have the resources for a full-time Build/Release/DevOps Engineer but have an extremely hard time recruiting one. At times, the recruitment process can take up to 6+ months to a year to place a qualified candidate. During this time frame, the quality of the code releases and service availability suffers due to the lack of established formal processes and infrastructure automation to enforce these processes.

This is where I can be of service. This is just a small sampling of my technology expertise and experience in this field:

Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Design, Implement and Maintain CI/CD Systems and Infrastructure
  • Adaptable to Various Development Methodologies {agile, lean, etc}
  • Automation Evangelist
  • One-Click or Fully Automated End-to-End Continuous Code Delivery
DevOps / Tech-Ops / IT-Ops
  • Establish Processes and Tools to Enforce DevOps Discipline and Culture
  • Audit and Enhance Internal and Production Infrastructure Security
  • Provision, Maintain, and Monitor the Entire Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Orchestration
  • Utilize Bleeding Edge Container and Cluster Management Technologies

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